Posted by: wfpdc | October 4, 2011

World Water Day 2012

How much water do you use everyday? Estimates say around 80-100 litres per person per day, and the E.P.A. estimates 400 litres per day for a family of four.

But is that really all? When you thought of the water you use, what did you include? Showers? Drinking water? Washing machines? Toilets?

Did you include the amount of water required to grow the food you eat?

Agriculture consumes a large percentage of water resources. Just to throw out one statistic, Thomas Donlan estimated in 2008 that in California 80% of the water used in the state goes towards farming. (“To Save Water, Sell It”, Barron’ss, 2008.) Yet, we often do not include the water used to produce our food in estimates of how much water we consume.These imbedded water costs are often overlooked.

The United Nations has chosen the theme of “Water for Food Security” to bring attention to this imbedded water. By becoming aware of the amount of water it takes to produce food choices, and by adopting a diet that is less water hungry, each of us can reduce our ‘water footprint’ and help conserve needed fresh water around the world.

Check out the UN’s World Water Day 2012 Facebook page for more information and stay tuned for their official website launch. Water for People DC will be hosting a WWD event, details to come soon. We look forward to celebrating responsible water consumption with you!

‎2 cup tee = 60 L, 1 glass orange juice = 170 L, 1 glass apple juice = 190 L, 1 banana = 120 L, 3 slice bread = 80 L, 1 tomato = 8 L, 1 egg = 135 L, 1 portion cheese = 250 L TOTAL = 1013 L



  1. Wow – a banana uses more water than I do in a day… never would have guessed. And cheese too? I’m draining lakes for my morning mozzarella.

  2. WWD2012 Theme “Water for Food Security “

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