Posted by: wfpdc | October 20, 2011

“Three Ways to Improve Water, Energy, Food Security”

A recent article by Joppe Cramwinckel, Director of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s Water Project, lists three immediate recommendations to improve water, energy, and food security worldwide. As Cramwinckel notes, theses three areas are interconnected – producing more food, requires greater inputs of water; desalination to create more freshwater requires huge inputs of energy, etc.

The need to minimize inefficiencies in the system is huge as by 2030 (less than 20 years), the world will require 40% more freshwater and 50% more food and energy.

The Three Recommendations:

1) Increased planning and policy interactions – particularly between water, energy, and food sectors.

2) Find new ways to boost resource efficiency (ie: improvements to use less water in agricultural production) while simultaneously decreasing waste.

3) Find new ways to effectively manage demand and to educate consumers to change wasteful behaviors to conserve these resources.

Cramwinckel’s research highlights the importance of the theme for World Water Day: water and food security. These resources are intrinsically linked. While we need to increase food production for increasing populations, we must be careful to do so using new techniques and innovations which decrease our water use and wastage, preserving our finite natural resources.

100 gram Vegetables = 19.5 L, 1 Tomato = 8 L, 1 Potato = 25 L, 150 gram meat = 2025 L TOTAL = 2077.5 L embedded WATER


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