Posted by: wfpdc | November 15, 2011

Sustainability of Water Services

Water For People is about more than just bringing clean drinking water to communities. They are about making sure that clean water remains in communities; that new wells do not break down. That if they do, they are replaced in a manner that ensures they will not fail in that same way again. That sanitation facilities do not creep into decay once the cameras leave.

It’s all about making sure that clean water is brought to a community in a sustainable manner. Check out “Water Services that Last,” an IRC-led initiative funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Water Services that Last maps out the critical components that agencies need to build into their water projects to ensure long-term service delivery.

The site includes tools, case studies, news, and videos to help agencies working to bring water to communities do so sustainably. Here are some particular highlights to check out:

– Their country specific information on bringing water to communities in Uganda

– Their case-study of Water For People monitoring to ensure accountability

– And their case-study of Honduras’ monitoring system that links monitoring to improved action


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