Posted by: wfpdc | February 12, 2012

Water & Food Security Identified as Threat

The 2012 Asian Security Conference will begin tomorrow, Feb. 13, in New Dehli, India. This year, the conference will focus on ‘non-traditional threats’ including:

-Climate Change and Natural Disasters,

-Water Security,

-Energy and Food Security,

-Financial and Economic Security,

-and Trans-national Crime.

The issue of water security seems to be becoming the main topic of focus leading up to the conference. Arvind Gupta, director general of defence ministry-funded think tank Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses, noted, “that with the increasing importance of trans-boundary rivers, hydro-diplomacy can be seen as a new framework for regional cooperation, with opportunities for dialogue, consultation and data-sharing both between and within states. On the other hand, control of water can also lead to hydro-hegemony and dominance.”

Using water as a point of cooperation, rather than domination and contention, will be a critical challenge in the 21st century as communities around the world face increasing water scarcity and stress. India is already facing difficulties providing reliable access to clean water to its ever growing population. To help address this problem in one of the world’s most populous countries, Water For People–India will implement programming in 148 communities and 138 schools in six districts in West Bengal. Water For People–India will also expand its work beyond West Bengal and into the new state of Bihar, where, in collaboration with the local government, it will select a district in which to target its efforts and create a strategy for reaching full water and sanitation coverage.

Water For People CEO Ned Breslin meets with partners and stakeholders in India.


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