Posted by: wfpdc | April 1, 2012

World Water Corps Uganda Part II

Greetings from Fort Portal, Uganda! We are amidst our second week of data collection, working in the Kyenjojo District the last two days. The first week was spent in the Mukono District near Kampala. When I say we, we are Katherine Alfredo, Jeanne Depman, James Dumpert and myself all led by Andrew Britton. In addition the Water For People – Uganda staff, Gerald and Keziah, respectively responsible for the data analysis and our everyday logistics, are along for the ride through the trainings and out in the field.

Water For People – Uganda has teamed with Uganda Environmental Education Foundation for the Mukono District and they were able to round up an amazing group of people to be enumerators for the household water/sanitation surveys. We all met for the first time last Monday when Andrew showed everyone how to take surveys using FLOW on the provided smart phones. We then broke into teams and I spent the next 3 days with Deo and Richard. Deo, I believe, works for the Mukono local government as a non-profit liaison and Richard is a recent graduate studying deforestation nearby where we were surveying. Each morning we we drove away out along a dirt road and spent the next 8 hours going to individual households and asking them about their water sources and sanitation facilities. While I am out of place and do not speak the local language, I serve as tech support and make sure that after the volunteer team takes off the trained team can come back out and take more surveys in the region as needed by Water For People – Uganda and UEEF. Over the course of three days the entire team was able to collect over 450 surveys!

I write from the mountainous and beautiful Fort Portal where we are enjoying the sometimes rainy weather. Fitting with Water For People’s work in the region, I have found that what I miss most is an abundance of drinking water. Tap water is not considered potable and I have had trouble finding a place to fill my water bottle. When you ask for water at a restaurant, you get a half liter bottle. We are focusing on community water points in Kyenjojo for one more day, then we switch to the community water points in the Kamwenge District for the rest of the week. It’s beautiful out here and I am enjoying riding Boda Bodas (motorcycles) through the hills of rural Uganda!


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