Water For People DC is a Washington, DC based committee which supports the efforts of Water For People, a nonprofit working for clean water and sanitation access around the globe. They work in 11 countries around the world:

Africa: Malawi, Uganda, Rwanda

Asia: India

Central America: Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua

South America: Ecuador, Peru, Bolovia

This blog is part of the education and outreach efforts of the DC Water for People Committee. Our goal is to provide up to date news and information about water needs in Water For People’s 11 targeted countries, as well as upcoming news about Water For People events, advocacy efforts, and water related happenings around DC.

Water For People, DC is a 100% volunteer committee. We organize various educational events throughout the year to fund raise and spread awareness of global water issues. Recent events include annual Hike-A-Thon and World Water Day celebration, our educational outreach program,  and our 2011 Gala for Women in Water, which raised approximately $80,000 and featured such distinguished speakers as Undersecretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs Maria Otero.

If you are interested in getting involved and supporting solutions to the global water challenge, sign up for our e-newsletter or join us at one of our monthly meetings!  Email info@waterforpeopledc.com for information on the next meeting!


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